lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Why buy the milk when you can get it for free

I had quite the "cultural" experience leaving class today.  I will preface this story with the fact that I only got 6 hours of sleep last night prior to my first University exam, so I might have imagined everything I saw.  

To me, however, it was real. Real disturbing.

Okay, so I'm walking from the university alone.  Now, my path goes a bit like this: Leave the University, walk down San Fernando, cross Menendez y Pelayo & then cut up between the Palacio de Justicia (If you do not or have not lived in Sevilla, then just imagine I'm in a little corridor between two large buildings with less foot traffic than the regular path).  So there I am, sunglasses on, i-pod on, minding my own business.  I then look over to a woman who is walking (keep in mind that she is not standing still, but actually walking) towards me.  She is the prime example of what I like to call "Basura Blanca" (translation: white trash).  Here in Spain, there's a different breed: 

Swap the Nascar t-shirts for too-tight tank tops and white shorts, preferably with fat dripping over the edges.
Keep shiteous makeup and badly bleached hair.
Add gold chains.
Mullet optional.  

So yeah, there she was, a beauty in her white capri-ish shorts and green cami, both of which were bursting at the seems with her girth.  Not a good look.  Surprisingly enough, this woman had a child (why anyone would sleep with her, I do NOT know).  And I quickly noticed that, beyond this woman's utter disregard for how heinous she looked, she was carrying her child in the oddest of ways.  His poor little head was kind of smooshed into the one arm she was using to hold him, while his legs were sort of flailing as she walked down the street.

"That's a really weird way to hold a childOHMYGOD SHE'S BREAST FEEDING HIM!!"

That was my exact mental process.  This woman, in broad daylight, at prime time for foot traffic, heading TOWARDS one of the main pedestrian walkways, had her large and unattractive breast out of her cami for her young child to go at.  While she was walking.  I hope I didn't stare too long, because honestly, I was beyond perplexed as to how something like that happens.  Usually, women go off to a bench or a bathroom or, I don't know, DO IT AT HOME.  Nobody wants to see you walking around the street with your boob out. NOBODY.

The best part about this, though, is that as I got closer to my house, I saw YET ANOTHER ON-THE-GO BREASTFEEDER, doing the SAME THING.  This time, however, she was a classy Spanish woman.  WHAT THE HELL?  Another odd thing, she was wearing a v-neck.  Probably a bad idea.  But her child, like the first, was holding on by a tooth & sort of flailing around as well.

Has anyone else seen this phenomena elsewhere? Or is this, like so many other things, a special Spanish craze? 

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