sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Pop culture phenom #147092b

As you know I'm generally shocked by the pop culture that defines the lovely city of Sevilla. In fact, this city is one giant juxtaposition: a classic, old, historical European city filled with people who look like they're straight outta the trailer park. I have written several blogs about my pop culture observations, but this one I find fun.

Remember that loser in middle school? You know, the guy/girl that everyone made fun of? He/she probably had greasy hair, zits, glasses, pudge, lame clothes, etc etc etc. But one key accessory that always made someone a prime target for verbal harrassment was that beauty he or she lugged around school... that sack used to hold books, pencils, Nano babies, lunch... that beauty made for ease of transport....

Oh yes, baby. I'm talkin about the rolly backpack.

I cannot believe how popular the rolly backpack is here. I, for one, REFUSED to carry one despite the fact that I literally had 50 lbs of books to carry to and from school in those days. Everyone who had one, no matter what their social standing, was automatically shunned to sit with the mutants at table 9 if they had one. 

But damn, they are popular here.

And it's not just little kids heading off to elementary school to finger paint, sing, scream, or do whatever other cool shit you get away with in kindergarten. No, I've seen high schoolers wheeling their backpacks with pride down my street on several occassions. This blows my mind. I always secretly thought a rolly backpack was a great idea and extremely convenient, but would I be caught dead with one? I'll give that a hell to the no. 

I guess the difference is the fact that students here actually walk to school. It's probably less of a coolness factor and more of an "I don't want arthritis" factor. However, it's hard for me to drop the stereotypes I've had since my days in middle school. 

Maybe someday when Americans stop being so damn lazy and start using their legs as transportation, the rolly backpack might come back into fashion. But for now, Spain's seemingly single-handedly keeping the market alive. 

Viva la rolly!

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