jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Can't hold ME down

A representative (aka a professor) from UNC came to EUSA today. I literally had no intentions of talking to her because I don't know her. I went to talk to her anyway because Cheryl really wanted as all to put in our two cents about the program. So, along with a few other classmates, I entered her chamber.

There she was, innocent as could be, talking about Spain stuff... classes, professors, level of difficulty... the usual professor babble. Then, out of nowhere, she starts talking to a friend who is also in the office who also keeps a pretty regular blog. This friend asks, "Have you been keeping up with my blog?" "No," she replies sincerely. She then adds,

"I am a bit concerned though, because as I was on your blog, I stumbled across another student's blog who is here in Sevilla. I cannot believe what they were writing about! I just wanted to scream, 'Your parents are reading this!' It made me question some of the decisions students are making here."

And at that moment, the friend and I exchanged sideways glances, knowing exactly whose blog was inappropriate enough to make a professor, who didn't even know the student, worry about the choices being made in Sevilla.


But don't you dare worry, my faithful readers. I will continue to be the raunchy source of news from Sevilla. Sure, I could drool over ever G-D monument I see, or rave about the culture, or weep as I type how much my life is being changed. But I refuse to be like everyone else's travel blog. I promise to bring the real, the nitty gritty, the as-it's-happening shit that goes down every night on the gangsta-ass streets of Seville. Nobody holds ME down. I will rip off my wifebeater and fire my barreta if necessary.

This party is only halfway over. And this bitch and this blog ain't changing fo' nothin.

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  1. Hahaha... Andrea, you make my day. Lol the gangsta-ass streets of Seville? You are a fool. Please come to Cannes with me... I don't think I could roll as deep with anyone else :). We'll go tear France a new one.

    On a side note though: I get the feeling that all that stuff you said about "everyone else's travel blog" pertains specifically to me, haha.