miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

What I miss most about home

An email from my mother:

I had a night from hell. Rosie was on a mission. At 2AM she started barking and sat on the crate in the bonus room, so I picked her up and brought her into our room. About 15 minutes later she started sniffing again, then jumped off of the bed, ran to the window and started barking. Then dumb dumb followed and the two of them were barking. I went to the window to see a few deer in our yard. The deer finally moved about 30 minutes later, but once again Rosie jumped off of the bed. She starts barking, and I saw there was a cat in the street that took it's sweet time walking up the Small's driveway until it disappeared. Finally, they went to sleep, but I lost about an hour and a half. Ms. Rosie did not want to get out of bed this morning because she was sleepy, so I showered first then took them out into the pouring rain. We were outside for about 5 minutes. They both acted like someone was shooting them because the rain was very heavy.

Just the little things to help me get by, you know?

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