viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

We lahv O-bama!

The title of this blog is phonetically written because I think I've heard it about 100 times from locals and other Europeans. I'll tell you, when they realize we're Americans, they LOVE bringing up the new POTUS. Two instances stick out...

One night we were heading down to El Centro/Catedral Area and it was raining. Someone (*cough* Angela *cough*) forgot her umbrella, so the two of us had to try and fit under my BABY umbrella. I'm not kidding, it's the smallest thing ever (that's what she said). Anyways, I show her how small it is (that's what he said) and she doesn't think we can fit underneath. "Yes we can," I respond...

And then, out of nowhere, a voice:

"Yes we can! Obama!"

A Spaniard behind us must have heard a few english words that had become familiar in the past year and, maybe, thought we were talking about the Pres. Of course, I am an idiot and respond back, "Yes we can! Yes we can!" and he screams back to me, "We lahv O-bama!"

And like that we had our catchphrase for Saturday night.

Instance #2 was probably the most memorable thing that has happened whilst walking anywhere in Sevilla so far. Angela, Elle, and I were heading to Flagherty's Pub (again, down in El Centro) to watch the Superbowl. As we are passing the Cathedral, a group of men who I immediately pegged as Italians (what can I say, I know my people well) asked us to take a picture.

I guess we must obviously be Americans, because they started speaking to us in English. And of course, I get a kick out of it. They asked us our names, proceeded to scream, "Angela, I LOVE YOU!" and also awkwardly took pictures of us while we stood there talking to them. But, the best part was when the crazy guy from the group (who tried to get us to go to a discoteca and also dropped some line about going to a hotel... nope) started screaming "Bill Clinton" at us. I guess he could only think of Clinton off the top of his head as an American icon, so whatevs. But I quickly corrected him -- "No. OBAMA." His response was absolutely classic. Imagine being on the side of the third largest gothic cathedral in the world, at midnight, in the drizzling rain, with a group of Italians, one of whom is talking about his Harley Davidson, one of whom's neck and chin are seamless and whose body is completely spherical, and one of whom is screaming "Obama" and doing the chicken dance. I couldn't contain myself and just busted up laughing in his face. We all did, actually. And although we left our Italian friends to go to wherever the hell it was they were headed that night, it did show that Obama is kind of a world icon already. It's weird.

And it also shows that such happiness can still induce the chicken dance, at least in Europeans. I might have to add this to my "Pop Culture" blog, along with the many references in the past week to Bill Clinton. Forget "Yes We Can"; I should start dropping "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" in conversation and see what kind of responses I get from that.

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