domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Monkeys & the Motherland

Hey... hooo.... hey....hoooo

Well... it's obviously very late in Sevilla (4 am). But I have decided that instead of getting some much-needed sleep, I will blog.

Today, I went to Gibraltar - the British colony at the very, very tip of Spain, "on the cusp", if you will, of Africa (I don't know what that means, but let's go with it). It was so cool. I was literally 15 kilometers from fuckin' AFRICA. I am unofficially taking a 6-day tour of Morocco come the end of April, so just seeing the rock across the Strait of Gibraltar got me all excited (that's what she said). But really, today made me realize I was on the other side of the globe, so close to things I've only ever seen on maps and in pictures. Heavy, man.

Also in Gibraltar, we visited a 2 MILLION YEAR OLD CAVE. Seriously... think about this: this cave formed over 2 millions years just from single drops of water that slowly formed stalag_ites (fill in t or m, whichever tickles your fancy). It was cool. Sadly, it also caused my new jeans to get all damn muddy, but I think it was worth it. Pictures to follow. I felt like Bat Boy miiiight jump out any second. Yea, that kind of cave.

But really, the highlight of anyone's trip to Gibraltar = the MONKEYS!! We pulled up to St. Michael's Cave and, right outside of the car, sat a muhfuckin monkey. A MONKEY!! A WILD MONKEY, JUST CHILLIN OUTSIDE OF OUR VAN!! These guys weren't shy either; in fact, one proceeded to jump right on our van and attach itself to the sideview mirrors. It. was. awesome. Sadly, they cut me off from time with the beautiful beasts to go into the cave, but when we exited was when it really got interesting...

As you all know, I am an idiot. And, because of my stupidity, I decided to take a picture of me making a monkey face right next to a real-live monkey. The first monkey I tried it with was sitting on a trash can. I walked over slowly, got into position, posed... AND THE BASTARD REACHED DOWN AND TOUCHED MY BOOB! I was excited at first (not for beastiality reasons, perverts) because I thought he was going to sit on my back, but NOOOO. Typical Iberian-Penninsulan man, that monkey was -- he just wanted a piece but couldn't handle the whole pie. Sadly, sadly, sadly, no monkey sat on me that day, but I did pet a babyyyyyyy and get some sweet close up (and seriously personal) pictures of monkey mommies and babies...

The rest of the city was pretty sweet, too. Because it's a British colony, they have double-decker buses, phonebooths, "bobbies,"... everything and more that is stereotypical of England. All in all it was an awesome day.

Note: The main reason this blog happened is to prove I do more than go out and get acosted by creepers. I also enrich myself in Spanish culture, Ithankyou.

So, just as a side note... I have been thinking a lot about things lately (probably because I keep getting tagged in 25 things and am not sure if I should participate... ARGH). I have decided that one of my goals while I'm here is to see where my grandpa was from in Italy. And in planning and researching for this trip, I have become more and more depressed that I never really got a relationship with him. He died 4 months before I was born. And although the stories of what a great man he was and how much he would have loved me and laughed at me help, I really regret that he was taken before my time. I guess this is the main reason I want to go to Civita. I also think it would be a special trip to take on my own or with someone from my family, especially my dad. But I don't know how that would happen, considering my parents will only be here a week. I really have to think about this and talk to my dad, but I hope this trip happens, because it will really have a lot of meaning for me.

Alright, that's enough for tonight. Hasta luego...

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