jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Hot, breathy ass walls

Well, it's been 4 days since I got home, but I'm going to attempt to recap our weekend in Granada anyway.

I got on the bus at the asscrack of dawn (10:00 AM - we have to wake up really early to get ready and walk to our meeting point, okay?) after getting a mere 3 hours of sleep. I am so hard core these days. I actually spent the night before dancing at Buddha, where everyone and their mother from the UNC Program was. The only highlight I can remember anymore is this drunk girl that was let loose on the dance floor. I guess she thought Angela and I were her friends, because she kept coming up to us, trying to dance with us, and putting her arms around our necks and trying to dance with us. Awkward, but true. The kicker was when she called Angela "Caroline." Nope, we're not your friends, honey. We passed her on to someone else. Anyways, this blog is NOT ABOUT GOING OUT OR CREEPERS, I swear this time.

We get to Granada at about 2ish I believe. Of course, nobody showered or anything before getting on the bus (and by nobody I mean Carolyn, Elle and myself), so we decided to go to our room and shower first before going out on the town. Well, can I just say that a really hot shower + comfy beds + time between each shower = 3 bitches passed out for 3 hours instead of getting ready and leaving?! It was unreal. We all woke up in our beds, still in our towels (kinky), without having done anything in Granada all day. Good job, team. And of course, we decide to get ready (another 45 mins) before going out and meeting up with some people for tapas. Epic fail.

Another epic fail occurred on our way to tapas. We could not figure out where we were going, so we called the boys who were already there. "We're near the big ass fountain," says Elle. We had only seen one on our walk so far. However, we must have passed a big ass fountain on about every street corner until we got to Elvira St. The maps in Granada only had select street names as well. What is the point of a map with only half of the city's street names printed? UNA RIDICULEZ!! Can't say anything else but epic fail.

Hmm.... what else. I guess I can talk about historical shiz that I saw on Day 2 of our voyage. We went to La Capilla Real & La Catedral de Granada on Saturday. In La Capilla, we were not allowed to take pictures, so of course, all of us were sneaking around with our cameras, turning our backs to the security guards, etc., trying to take pics. Then we see this old man with THE MOST OBNOXIOUSLY LARGE CAMERA I've ever seen taking pictures without a care as to who is watching. After that I didn't feel guilty about whipping out the shitty Nikon CoolPix in the church. It was pretty cool though, in all honesty. Ferdinand and Isabella are buried there alongside their daughter Juana who was queen of Spain later. However, both La Capilla & La Catedral were FREEZING on the inside, so it was nice to have a little free time to roam the city before... the devil... La Alhambra.

Last time I came to Spain after graduating, we had to tour the Alhambra for 3 fucking hours in the blistering Spanish heat. It was HEINOUS. And I promised myself that I would never put myself through such agony. Pretty building, cool to know some of the history... but after a while, it's all a broken record. Well, guess what CINECU had planned for us when we got to the Alhambra? If you guessed ANOTHER 3 HOUR TOUR, then you were right!! Worst time of m'life!! At first, it's interesting. Oh, some Roman baths, oh, a tower we can climb, oh, some beautiful tilework... but soon, it started dragging on. I was hungry. And hungry makes me miserable. I didn't feel like taking any more pictures, I just wanted to hurl myself from the castle walls and end it all. That's the effect of the Alhambra. It's great, it's like the 3rd most visited monument in all of Europe. BUT, 3 hours = heinousity without bounds.

The last memory of the trip that I have to share is in the "whisper room" or something like that. The ceilings are curved, so you can whisper in one corner, and the diagonal corner can hear what you're saying. I'm sure that makes no sense to anyone but me, but whatever. Anyway, after we left that godforsaken place and were waiting for the bus, Derrick and I were reminiscing on the day. We got to the whisper room, and for some reason or another, he called it the room with the "hot, breathy-ass walls." Of course, I was hysterical, repeated it to no end, and made him regret the day he ever said it. But I LOVE the use of "ass" as an adverb! It is hilarious. After that moment, I decided to insert "ass" the adverb into as many phrases as possible.

So in sum:
-Slept too long Friday
-Toured stuff
-Used ass as an adverb

Sounds like a full and enriching weekend to me. And it was all on my program's dime. Hollaaa.

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