viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009

He's rolling the dice too much...

Thursday night out was probably the best night I've had so far in Sevilla, if not in my entire LIFE.

Walked down to Calle Betis with Elle and our little friend Joven. We sat on the bridge and finished it off and then headed to Long Island for the illustrious (bottled) free sangria... What a taste! In fact, it was even more heinous when they started running low on the stuff and adding orange soda to it. They tried passing it off as Tinto Verano. Fail. I couldn't drink anymore of that garbage, so we hit up the 1.50 Jager Bombs. Here's a great "That's what she said" moment that happened when Elle was explaining the best way to take a Jager Bomb:

"I find it easier if you slide it in so it doesn't splash up in your face."

We then headed off to a bar called Dwende (?), which was small and awkward (that's what she said). There, however, I stole a delicious shot from a guy who had bought like 8 of them for his friends. I went up to the bartender and asked her how much each one costed. She said, "Oh, he's already paid." So, being the genius that I am, I replied, "Okay, great," and took the shot. Luckily, the guy who bought them didn't seem to notice the sketchy girl facing the wall taking a solo shot that looked suspiciously like one of his. We also stole toilet paper from this bar. Sorry, Dwende.

Also at that bar, a great moment between Derrick and I. All I can say is Chris Brown came on the stereo and a full-on re-enactment of his and Rihanna's domestic violence happened. It was hilarious for us, but for everyone else I'm sure it just looked like he was beating me up.

We quickly left Dwende, however, to take the TRAIL of TEARS to Buddha, the best but farthest discoteca we've found. On our way, we ran into, I kid you not, a woman carrying around her pet BUNNY. And this just wasn't any bunny - the thing was about as big as a toddler. "Mira, un conejo," was all I could utter at the sight of the beast. We took some pictures, but I think the lady and her pet, Chulu or Chulo or something along those lines, hated us completely.

On the way to Buddha, Elle and I decided, because we had the safety of a male with us, that we could harass Spanish men the same way they harass us. All I can say is that I failed MISERABLY. Derrick sketched off for a second, and THAT was the time I decided to say "Hola" to a Spanish man... "Adonde vais?" he said to us. I felt really lame afterwards for being the initiator of the conversation and then proceeding to blow him off and be awkward. Oh well, it's all in good fun.

We also found it to be a good idea to throw as many oranges as we could get our hands on into the Guadalquivir River. Awesome.

Then, we finally made it to Buddha. We immediately ran into some people from our program: Grace, Natalie, and Forest. They were all smoking a hookah, so they didn't join us upstairs for our first go-round on the dance floor. However, all the gropers were too much for us to handle so we headed back downstairs. (Elle still doesn't believe it was me grabbing dat ass, but I stand by my confession...)

We sat back down at the hookah table with everyone and just started talking about random things. Somehow we got on the topic of funny movies, and that is really when the fun began. All I can say is that before long, we were talking about one of my faves, Knocked Up. Of course, one of the most memorable scenes takes place at the club where Seth Rogen is "dancing," aka doing the dice roll. We all started acting it out and realized that, if you don't actually roll the dice, the move can look a bit like, well, you know...

Then, I said, "Wouldn't it be funny if I went upstairs and just stood on the dance floor making this motion surrounded by a group of people?"

Everyone at the table decided that they would go dance only under the premise that I would do so.

"I literally have no shame. Let's go upstairs NOW."

And so we did.

Two hours and two sore wrists later, I am pretty sure I had the best night of dancing at Buddha that I've experienced. Everyone in the group was doing it... when someone bumped into me on the dance floor, they got a little motion. When someone tried to dance with me that was creepy (oh, and THANKS FOR HELPING ME when that creeper was on me. I'll never forgive you guys...), he also got the motion. Just general songs, motion. It was seriously the most fun I've had, and it revolved around a bet that I wouldn't be up for making an ass hole out of myself.


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