domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009


Okay, I'm not going to blog all about Granada right now. But I will tell a hilarious (and slightly embarrassing--shocker) story from lunch.

I get home from Granada around 2:15... this means I get back to our piso in Nervion around 2:35, perfect timing for lunch. I walk in... looking SICK because I am short on sleep and didn't shower this morning... wearing dirty clothes... and lo and behold, the entire fam is here for lunch!! It's Mercedes' birthday!! I felt bad that I had no idea it was today, but I don't think birthdays are as serious here as they are in the US, or people just don't drag them out as long and obnoxiously as I do. Either way, I found out as I was walking in that it was her birthday. Roque and his girlfriend were here for lunch because of it.

I sat down at the table after quickly dropping my shit on my bed with no time to primp or anything... and let me reiterate that I am EXTREMELY tired, because I only got like 15 hours of sleep combined in the last 3 nights. AWESOME. And I have been speaking in English all weekend because the Granada trip was all of the people from my track on the program.

So once I sat down, the barrage of questions about my trip start. I'm doing okay at first: Did you have fun? What did you do? etc. Soon, however, I just have the ultimate brain fart. And when I say ultimate, I mean ULTIMATE. I could not understand ANYTHING THEY WERE SAYING TO ME. Then, the como's and que's just started flying:

Did you stay in a hotel? - Roque
Did you stay in a hotel? - Roque
A hotel... you stayed in a hotel, right? - Mercedes
Oh, si

Wow, embarassing, right? But that wasn't the worst one.

Mercedes then asked me about the weather, because the news said that it was going to be pouring all weekend in Granada, and it's kind of an inside joke that whenever we go on a visit, it rains. I'm pretty sure she knew that it hadn't actually rained at all, so she wanted to talk about how nice it was. But when she asked me the question, I literally had NO CLUE what she said to me. It sounded like fucking hindu or bush man talk. She might as well have talked in clicks and pops like a tribal African, because nothing she said made sense. I just stared at her blankly for what felt like an eternity and finally spit out,

"Lo siento... como?????"

And everyone at the table just started hysterically laughing. I'm pretty sure Roque even let in a few "this is so goddamn funny I can't control my hands"-claps. It was awesome. Actually, now that I'm writing about it, I am laughing because it was just that absurd.

Now, time for a nap, and hopefully I can use more than sign language at dinner tonight, where I'm sure the entire family will be yet again. For now, though, I'm warming up my "que"s and "como"s just in case of emergency.

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