jueves, 22 de enero de 2009


The title of this blog is "lazy" in Spanish, because that is how I feel here 24/7. Yes, you have probably heard about the Spanish work ethic... it's a lot less strong than the US. Here, it's working to live, as opposed to the live to work attitude in the US. Sadly, this is rubbing off on me already. I never do my work until the morning before class.... I don't care if it's good or not.... I go out until 4 AM on a Wednesday night.... I'd rather plan trips than research for a 5 page paper....

The weirdest part about all of this, though, is that I don't give a damn. I guess the laziness has reached my nerd side as well.

I guess I can't leave this blog without telling a hilarious story from last night. So, all the streets here in Sevilla are pretty much lined with Orange Trees. Not the color, the fruit. The first day I got here, I was fascinated by them because I LOVE ORANGES (Note: when my mom was pregnant with me, she only craved oranges. Now, I love oranges.). When I had my first lunch with Mercedes and her son, I had to ask if the oranges were edible, because they look and smell delish. It turns out that they are extremely sour & are sent off to London to be made into marmalade.

... And then I found $5.

Just kidding, that's not the end of the story. Last night, we were walking home from La Catedral Club (yes, I went to a club, but I will NEVER go to Players), and Coop and I were trying to grab oranges from the trees. After seriiously cutting his hand, Coop pulled down one of the bastards and decided it would be a good idea to taste it. Well, apparently Roque and Mercedes weren't joking when they said those things were sour -- Coop's face said it all. I can't even describe how hard I was laughing, but I seriously almost wet my pants. He then proceeded to throw the orange against a chain-link fence to show that bastard who was boss. Carolyn and I proceeded to harass him with pictures, but nothing will do that face justice.

P.S. Another funny thing about the club I went to last night: The bathroom had three dispensers: one for gum, one for condoms, and one for... underwear. Luckily, I forgot to wear underwear (Again!) last night, so the machine really came in handy. I can even collect all 10 styles --- yes!

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