martes, 20 de enero de 2009


Although I'm in Spain, I want to take a minute to say something that still gets me to this day: Barack Obama is about to be present. It's heavy, man. A black man is going to be President. I'm so proud of my country (and not because I was once 1/8 black myself)... we've come so far. I am also proud because now people like and respect us a little bit more than 4 and 8 years ago when we voted for Bush. Even here in Spain, people are getting pumped for tomorrow. I foresee a night out. This calls for a celebration.

On that same note about things being new, I also want to say: American history is LAME! This weekend I went to this place called Italica, the first Roman city built in... wait for it... 206 B.C.! Where in the US can you leave a major city, drive for 10 minutes and find the remnants of a city that's over 2,000 years old? The answer, my friends, is nowhere. That is why I love Europe.

So yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd and really enjoyed the one hour tour of Italica. We saw the amphitheatre they built in a similar fashion as the Colisseum in Rome. We also toured some of their old houses, saw their mosaics, and also got to see Roman baths! It was awesome. It didn't hurt that Rafa was our tour guide. He is seriously my favorite professor at EUSA... so nice and extremely easy to understand. I can't wait to take another class with him when my bullshit class is over in a few weeks.

But yea, I guess this blog is also titled "New" because a lot of things in Spain definitely take their getting used to. Most noticeably different, especially from Chapel Hill, is how FORWARD the men are. Seriously... I'm not used to men hitting on me AT ALL, and now they are so fucking creepy. An example:

A 40-year-old-ish looking man comes up to me and introduces himself. Mohammed. He then proceeds to ask me where I live in Sevilla. Nervion, I tell him, considering the area is huge and I doubt he would be able to hunt me down. Then, in English, he responds...

"I live close to there. I want to spend every day with you."


I have never been so beyond uncomfortable in my life. This guy literally looked like a flying monkey sans the blue paint but still creepy. How do you even respond to that? I think I just awkwardly looked around for any excuse to walk away. Another guy whose name was, honest to god, Amen, gave me the card for where he works to come visit. What the HELL. When you come from somewhere as testosterone-dry as CH, this is the most unreal experience you could go through. This is one part of Spain that I might not be able to get used to.

But other than that, I'm all about embracing the new.
And I will be celebrating along with the majority of Americans from across the globe. Cheers!

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