martes, 13 de enero de 2009


Life in Sevilla so far is pretty damn good.

Yeah, I'll go there.

I guess I'm only saying that now because I feel a lot more settled into my new piso (apartment, but they don't like you to call it that) and my new life in general. I finally got my luggage, and I may or may not have cried a little when I could finally wear something other than what was in my baby carry-on. It's nice to actually think about what I'm going to wear each day... the Spaniards here really take it to a new level in how they dress just to run an errand or go to class. Let's just say there are no sweatpants to be seen anywhere. I guess I fit in okay, though, because 2 Spaniards have asked ME for directions! And each time, I've said that I'm not from here, but that's not the point. I must've looked semi-Spanish for them to think I knew where certain streets were. And, if you know me, you know I've been telling every UNC person that I've been asked directions and therefore I'm Spanish. Mission Accomplished.

Another reason why I'm really enjoying myself is my host-mom, Mercedes. She might be the sweetest woman in the world. She already calls us her "ninas" (sorry, I don't know where the squiggly "n" is, but...). And yesterday I gave her a little gift that I brought from the US, a cute bag of NC Roasted Peanuts and a UNC coffee mug, which had the history of what Tar Heel means written on it in English. She asked me to explain it to her. Let me just say, trying to explain the Civil War in Spanish was one thing, but explaining a Tar Heel, and let alone finding the word for tar, was such a pain in the ASS. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a five-year-old, but she always tries to understand me, which is good. I guess she tried to reassure me a little by saying that the last girl that stayed here spoke all the time and got really good by the end because she didn't care about being right or wrong. That's my new goal. I can already feel myself getting better, although I am a bit rusty after a semester sebatical from Spanish.

More on Mercedes though-- she is boss when it comes to cooking (and she doesn't care that I don't like fish!!!!). She made the best torta de queso (cheesecake) the other day, and I really don't like cheesecake in the US. It was amazing though. It's a lot more "suave" she says, and I agree. It's weird though, because she doesn't have an oven in the kitchen. I have no clue how she made it, but I don't question greatness. We also watch TV together almost every night. Last night we watched the Spanish version of "Dancing with the Stars." She told me everything about the contestants, including the ones who were gay and married to other men (it's legal here, wooo!).

Mercedes also has a son, Roque, who doesn't live here, but comes over to eat pretty often. It's probably just because he is Spanish, but Angela and I both love him... even after I mini-burped after lunch the other day (yes, that really happened), he is still extremely nice to me. Too bad he has a novia though...

On the topic of men, WHY ARE SPANISH MEN SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN AMERICANS? We live right near the economics building for Univ. de Sevilla, and there are so many GORGEOUS boys there at all hours. I must say, I love passing there to go to school. I wouldn't mind a novio here, and Mercedes says that Angela and I are guapas, so we'll probably hook some men while we're here. SCORE!!!

I guess that's all that's going on. School, too, blah blah blah. But all in all, I'm coasting here in Spain and going to start planning some trips around Europe (and maybe beyond?) soon. Lunch is in a couple of hours, and I can't wait to see what deliciousness is in store....

Hasta Luego, putas

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